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Zebrafish - a model organism for scientists

Zebrafish on Tour


Zebrafish brain, tissue colouring

Berlin Alexanderplatz 10th Oct 2016, Prof Uwe Strähle, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT),  director of the Eureopen Zeberfish Resource centre and president of the European  Society  for fish as models in biology and medicine  together with members of his team introduced zebrafish as model organism in biomedicine.

In the context of the „Conference about the European Scientific landscape“ Zebrafish scientists  of the European Zebrafish Ressource Center (EZRC) presented the advantages of zebrafish in biomedical science. European and German politicians had the possibility to get acquainted  with the advantages of the Zebrafish as model organism. „Most people do not know about the zebrafish as model organism, a fact we would like to change„ said Dr. Thomas Dickmeis who investigates the day-night rhythms with the help of the zebrafish. Dr. Masanari Takamiya eluted similarities between the blood circulation of zebrafish and humans, by showing a living zebrafish embryo.

For the scientists, fish eggs have little to do with eating caviar. Embryos of the zebrafish and early developmental stages are transparent, which is perfect for the observation of the whole organism with the help of new microscopic methods. The similarities between zebrafish and humans in respect to their genetic background and organ functions are perfect to find new drugs for the treatment of diseases.  The screening for new therapeutic reagents is done with the help of high throughput systems that connect microscopy with automated image analysis, developed by the screening center. Ravindra Peravali in charge of the KIT Screening Centre: „We can connect technology to biology by using zebrafish as model organism, this is fantastic !“