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EuFishBioMed e.V.

European Society for Fish Models in Biology and Medicine e.V.


Prof. Uwe Strähle, PhD

Vice Chair:

Prof. Stephan Neuhauss, PhD
Prof. Corine Huart, PhD

Members of the Executive Board:

Prof. Peter Aleström, PhD
Prof. Jeroen Bakkers, PhD
Prof. Catherina Becker, PhD
Prof. Dimitris Beis, PhD
Patrick Blader, PhD
Prof. Caroline Brennan, PhD
Filippo Del Bene, PhD
Prof. Yoav Gothilf, PhD
Prof. Gil Levkowitz, PhD
Prof. Annemarie Meijer, PhD
Elke Ober, PhD
Claire Russel, PhD
Prof. Karuna Sampath, PhD
Prof. Leonor Saude, PhD
Bettina Schmid, PhD
Natascia Tiso, PhD
Freek Van Eeden, PhD

Astrid Van der Sar, PhD


Executive Secretary:

Larissa Kaufmann, PhD, MPA

(Financial) Controller:

Prof. Stefan Schulte Merker, PhD
Prof. Daniel Schorderet, PhD


Institute of Toxicology and Genetics (ITG)
Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)
Hermann-von-Helmholtz-Platz 1
D-76344 Eggenstein-Leopoldshafen

Tel: +49-721-608-23291
eufishbiomed∂itg kit edu


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Register of associations:
Amtsgericht Mannheim
VR 3672

Bank details:

EuFishBioMed e.V
Volksbank Stutensee-Weingarten
BLZ: 66061724
Kto.: 130 335 01
IBAN: DE18660617240013033501

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Welcome to EuFishBioMed

The European Society for Fish Models in Biology and Medicine (EuFishBioMed) is a network devoted to fostering exchange of information, techniques, materials and expertise within and beyond the fish community. We are dedicated to promoting the further development of the technologies and versatilities of fish models in biomedical research and to make these accessible to other users, such as the medical, pharmaceutical and industrial communities.

Currently more than 360 Europe-based research groups are linked by this network. An overview, information on the specific expertise, and the contact details of each laboratory's PI (principal investigator) is offered via the coordinating institution (KIT: www.kit.edu)  upon request.


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The specific aims of EuFishBioMed are:

- Maintain a central contact point for European researchers (database, office)

- Organise and sponsor workshops and meetings

- Support exchange between labs

- Provide travel grants to meetings and labs

- Lobby for opportunities at funding agencies

- Promote standardisation of animal experimentation

- Presentation of zebrafish techniques and maintenance to regulatory authorities.


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