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Funded in 2018

In 2018 we are able to issue grants for meeting and lab visits.

Congratulations to the winners!


Hsai Adar Research visit, BioEnergences CNRS
Carla Belmonte Mateos Research visit, Developmental Neurobioloy and Pathologies Course by FENS
Maria Elena Castellini Research visit, Blader lab
Isabel Forner-Piquer 11th International Symposium on reproductive physiology of fish, Manaus
Benoit Haerlingen 13th International ZF Conference, Madison
Laura Lleras Forero IAFSB 2018 conference , Portugal
Tracy Lynskey 2nd International FishMed Conference on Zebrafish Research
Laura Martorano Zebrafish Disease model conference, Leiden
Mai Phan Research visit, Engert lab
Francesca Precazzini Research visit, Institute of Biology, Ewa Snaar-Jagalska
Iliana Serifi 2nd International FishMed Conference on Zebrafish Research, Warsaw


Travel grants EZPM , Trento (March 2018)

Martin Distel
Nathalie Jurisch-Yaksi
Judith Paridaen  


Funded in 2017

Congratulations to Didier Stainier for receiving the first Christiane Nüsslein-Volhard Award 2017 by EuFishBioMed in Budapest 5th July 2017.
The award is given for outstanding achievements in the Zebrafish research field/ community.
(Foto: Uwe Strähle, Didier Stainier, Stefan Schulte Merker)





In 2017 we are able to issue the following grants for meeting and lab visits.

Congratulations to the winners!


Dorothee Bornhorst EZM, Budapest
Karen Camargo- Sosa Research visit Nüsslein-Volhard Lab
Rita Felix Research visit Ruben Portuges Lab
Luca Guglielmi Research visit Steve Wilson Lab
Marie Hernandez EZM, Budapest
David Itschak-Zada Research visit German Sumbre Lab
Deepak Khatri Research visit Natascia Tiso Lab
Benjamin Mattes

Research visit Testu Kudoh Lab

Marek Pipal Research visit Scholz Lab  
Miesje van der Stoel Research visit Affolter Lab  


Funded in 2016

cave fish

Poster prize

Isabel Forner Piquet "Di-isononyl phtalate affects the endocannabinoid system and induce fatty liver in zebrafish"

Jiang Zhen "foxc1a and foxc1b exhibit distinct compenastory requirements during brain and trunk angiogenesis and haematopoietic stem cell formation in zebrafish."


Short term fellowships

6 short term fellowships (each 1000€) can be awarded to 6 young scienctist of our community.

Naomi Chrispijn for her visit of Huisken Lab , Michaele Mickoleit.

Manuel Bernabe Garcia for his visit in Prof. Marina Mione´s lab.

Chiara Diquigiovanni will visit  Dr. Silvia Paracchini lab.

Ivan Bassi for his visit in Prof Yoaf Gothilf´s lab.

Ismail Ünal will visit the lab of Prof. Ferenc Mueller.

Ivan Belzunce will visit the Jean Perrin Laboratoire (Raphael Candelier , Goerges Debregeas).

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Chiara Diquigiovanni, Ivan Bassi, Manuel Bernabe Garcia and Ismail Ünal




Travel grants

The EuFishBioMed Society awards 4 travel grants (each 1000 €) for young PIs and researchers to attend the European Zebrafish PI Meeting (EZPM), Lisbon, Portugal, 15th-19th March, 2016. 

Travel grant Lisbon Announcement

Many Congratulations to: Robin Kimmel, Konstantinos Ampatzis, Tjakko J. van Ham and Ebru Emekli‐Alturfan who are the winners of the travel grants!


Ebru Emekli Alturfan, K. Ampatzis, Tjakko J. c´van Ham in Lisbon




Funded in 2015

Short Term Fellowships

In 2015 3 Short Term Fellowships of 1000€ could be awarded.

The winners are: Inbal Shainer, Karin Prummel  and Monika Gostic



Travel grants

The EuFishBioMed Society awards 4 travel grants (each 1000 €) for young PIs and researchers to attend the European Zebrafish Meeting (EZM), Oslo, Norway, June 28th - July 2nd, 2015.

And here are the winners:

Teresa Casar Tena and Nynke Oosterhof,  Lucy Brunt, Nicole Schmitner  in Oslo (from left to right)


Poster Awards

8th Swiss Zebrafish Meeting  April 10th , 2015 at the University of Fribourg

Jan Marro won the prize for his poster:

"Differential expression of a transgenic reporter and tight-junction proteins in arteries   versus veins of the regenerating zebrafish fin"
















Funded in 2014

Short term Fellowships

The EuFishBioMed Society announced the first EuFishBioMed Short Term Fellowships for early career researchers to spend up to two months in a lab of their choice carrying out biomedical research using small laboratory fishes as models. Two fellowships of 1000 € have been awarded.

Congratulations to Chi Chung Wu, who visited the Jeroen Bakker’s lab at the Hubrecht Institute in
Utrecht, Netherlands.        


Lise Mazelet, who visited the Max Lab Synchroton in Lund of Professor Arner at the Karolinska Institute, Sweden



Travel grants

3rd European Zebrafish PI Meeting (EZPM), Ein Gedi, Israel, March 30- April 3, 2014.

The EuFishBioMed Society awards 2 travel grants (each 500 €) for young PIs to attend the 3rd European Zebrafish PI Meeting (EZPM), Ein Gedi, Israel, March 30- April 3, 2014.

The winner of the "Travel Grant for young PIs" are:

Susana Lopes and Florencia Cavodeassi. CONGRATULATIONS !!


11th International Meeting on Zebrafish Development and Genetics | 24-28 June 2014 | Wisconsin in Madison, USA

The winner of our travel grant is: Vincenzo Torraca. He is PhD Student at the Institute of Biologie (Leiden University) CONGRATULATIONS!!



Poster awards

together with a one year membership in the European Society for Fish Models in Biology and Medicine is funded by EuFishBioMed e.V. and will be awarded at the:

2nd Strategical Meeting for Medaka Research | 10-12 April 2014 | Seville, Spain

We are happy to announce the winner: Saori Yokoi, with her poster about:   " Analysis of neural/molecular mechanisms of mate-guarding behavior in small fish, medaka"



7th Swiss Zebrafish Meeting |  25 April, 2014 | Geneva, Switzerland

Dr. Christopher Mahony won the poster price with his poster: "emp1 is a novel marker of erythro-myeloid progenitors"


Heart of Europe Zebrafish Meeting| Sept 17th-19th 2014, Warsaw, Poland

Nicole Schmitner from the Institute of Molecular Biology in Innsbruck, Austria, won the poster prize.